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Charlie Brown

How could you not love this face?!

We've been working with Charlie Brown for a while now.

He's had an interesting road in getting to where he is.

Of course, Charlie Brown has people who just love him, and they have always pursued the best care for him.

When Charlie Brown was a young pup, it was discovered that he had significant hip dysplasia.

At that time he underwent surgery on his pelvis to correct the deficit in his hips.

He responded well, and did well for a long time.

At this season of Charlie Brown's life, he has needed more therapeutic support to keep him going at the level that he and his people are used to.

He started chiropractic care some time ago, and he has responded really well.

He's found his energy and pep.

In the words of Charlie Brown's mom, we have helped him find his normal.


Over the last month or two, Charlie Brown has slowed a little, and it looked like he needed a bit more support from us.

This past week, Charlie Brown came to see me for a full rehab assessment. 

We were also able to start him into rehab right away. 

Based on the video that I saw, Charlie Brown really rocked the underwater treadmill.

We are also using laser and exercises to help Charlie Brown build some strength in his back end.

Even though there are metal pieces in his pelvis from the surgery he had years ago, we can still use the laser because it does not generate any heat internally.

We are all excited to be working with Charlie Brown and his people.

We are all looking forward to helping him thrive throughout his life.


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