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Training Sessions

Lots of our canine patients have rigorous (or not so rigorous) exercise schedules at home.

That sometimes involves an organized activity, like Agility or Flyball.

Sometimes it's less organized play at home.

Often times, they settle into routines, that might be really fun, but no longer challenging growth and strength.

We can help with that too!

Dr. Halden schedules individual sessions at the Cabin to help people and their dogs develop an improved training program.

Depending on what is needed, we find specific activities that will best serve everyone.

It does not take a lot of specialized equipment to put together an excellent home training program.

In fact, Dr. Halden puts together a routine for your pet, using only the equipment that you have.

As time and fitness progress, followup sessions may be useful.

But we can always begin with the tools at hand.  All that's really needed is an interest in building a program and the energy to do it at home.

If you would like to set up some training for your dog, call KVet and speak directly with Dr. Halden to schedule a time.


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