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What a happy day!

Spencer walked into the office Thursday night.

This was the cause for great excitement.

There were hugs and lots of celebrating.

The first time that I saw Spencer was back in August.

He was carried into the office on a stretcher.  He was laying on his side, not even lifting his head.

After doing a lot of assessment, we decided to start with laser.

Spencer came in every day, and we lasered his low back and his neck.

After a some improvement, Spencer was lifting up his head and starting to work with his front legs.

He began acupuncture with Dr. Krenicki and had some chiropractic adjustments.

Because he is such a big boy (over 100 pounds) a lot of those treatments actually took place in the back of mom's Jeep.

Spencer was eventually able to get around in a cart.

At that point, Dr. Krenicki and I agreed that rehab would be the next ingredient in Spencer's care.

Thanks to mom for being so committed to Spencer's intense treatment schedule.


Like I said, this past Thursday, Spencer walked into the office on his own.

How could we not celebrate this accomplishment?

We are so excited that Spencer has made such an exciting recovery.

Mom says that she got her Christmas miracle.


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