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Celebrating Scout!

How could you not love this face?

Scout was also at KVet longer than I.

He and his people joined Dr. Konegger when she first opened KVet at the cabin on South Main Street.

Over the years since then, Scout went through lots of life changes.

His people have always been committed to his well being.

Not only was he an early patient of the veterinary practice, Scout took advantage of lots of opportunities at KVet.

He became a chiropractic patient very early on, after I joined the practice.

When we decided to add a full rehab practice to our offerings, we invited a few dogs that we loved and trusted to come help us try out the underwater treadmill.

Scout was one of those dogs.  (Those pictures are all a bit fuzzy.)

As Scout aged, he needed more support from us, in many ways.

In this picture, Scout is still working at rehab with lots of love and support from Stacey.

Late in Scout's life, we worked to help maintain as much strength and function as he could possibly muster.

That included Kathy at the front desk making sure that Scout had the special treats that he enjoyed.  He was very discriminating that way!

Mom figures that we helped them enjoy an additional two years with Scout.

And, what could be better than extra time with a beloved friend?

Sadly, Scout's time with all of us here is finished.

It was a sad day for all of us when we said good bye to this special guy.

I assured his people then, and I believe it completely, that our separation from these special animals is only temporary.

Somewhere on the other side, Scout is waiting to greet his people again.


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