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Lots of Dogs!

Lydia came to see us for the first time several years ago.

Her mom relates that they came to see us (first Dr. Konegger, and then me also) after another office sent Lydia home to die.  (Mom's words, not mine.)

Lydia had a great run with us for about three years!

What could be better than that?


Taking care of a lot of dogs from the same family!

After conferring with mom, we count 9 dogs in this family, covering several generations, that we've had the privilege of seeing at KVet.

They come to see us for lots of services.  Here Geraldo is working on rehab at the cabin.

We've also seen them for chiropractic, laser, acupuncture, and other modalities offered through traditional Chinese veterinary medicine.

Tequila has offered us some unique behavioral challenges, that have been managed nicely.

To get there Dr. Konegger and I had to work together closely, even doing some visits together.  (That's a challenge just to schedule!)

Greyson is one of the newer additions to this clan.

Even though I am running out of room for more pictures, I had to include him.

When we were counting up the dogs in this family that have seen us, I overlooked him.

I'm told he was cross with me. 

Nothing that an extra cooking couldn't fix!

Maybe Dot will bring more family members to KVet.  She just had a litter.

Zelda, Ellie, Spencer and Bliss have come to see us also.  (Like I said, running out of room for pictures!)

With the great cooperation of this family, we have been able to pool the many unique resources at our clinic to serve them for several years.

The ability to work together in this special way really sets KVet apart in the work that we are able to do.

And, of course, trusting, loving owners who give us the chance to do it.


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