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I don't really have specific pictures to go with today's blog, so I thought that I'd use some fun, random pictures.

This is my cat, Lily.

Kody as Spiderman.

As Dr. Konegger was recently looking for another veterinarian to join our practice, she posted an ad.

When she was describing the KVet practice in the ad, she talked about collaboration.

And, frankly, I love the use of collaboration to describe what we do.

Cody, hanging out in the office.

Many of you have had the opportunity to experience the way that we collaborate to help find the best possible care for your beloved friend.

That's how treatment plans come to include a mix of traditional care, chiropractic, laser, rehab, acupuncture and herbs. 

(I'm sure that I am forgetting to mention a piece.) 

But, truly, we talk constantly about the pets in our care, and we are always looking for how to put the best plan forward.

We never hesitate to incorporate a mix of each of our talents to get the desired outcome.

Sport looking adorable.

As we move forward, as a practice, we will continue to look for the best way to help you and your pet.

We want to be the practice where you know that you have access to the best care, the best people, and the optimal treatment plan for your individual companion.

We truly believe in collaboration.

And, we have treats!


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