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Continuity of care

Dr. Halden and Dr. Konegger sharing a light moment between patients last week.

Dr. Konegger started KVet about 7 years ago.  I joined the practice a little over a year later.

Over that time we have worked together on countless cases, working hard to make the KVet experience everything that you expect it to be.

One of the things that I enjoy the most about our collaboration is that the best outcome for your pet is always our focus.

We will pull things out of anyone's skill set if we think it will help.  There is really an amazing sense of cooperation that really drives what we do and how we do it.

That continuity of reliable care has been at the center of the practice that KVet has grown into.

There are also 4 other staff members who have been at KVet longer than I have.

You may not interact with these folks every time that you come in, but they certainly are fundamental to supporting all the work that we do.

Wendy and Sharon both have spent lots of time at the front desk over the years that they have been at KVet.

Now they work in the management of the practice, keeping everything moving smoothly on the business end, so we can focus on the clinical end.

When they do get a chance to come up front and see one of the pets they've know for many years, it is a treat.

We have been so busy through this current time of growth for us that they have both been called on the help on some clinical visits.

I hope that they enjoyed that.

Lots of you know Katie, because you see her when you come in the front door or you talk to her on the phone.

Did you know that Katie is also a vet tech?

When I first came to KVet, Katie split time between rooms and the front desk.

She has been dedicated to working up front for the last several years, but, again, last week she found herself helping out with some visits.

It is never a dull place to work.


Sorry, Tim, I don't actually have a picture of you.

Tim has been a tech at KVet for a long time.

Now if you see him, it is likely because your pet has had to have surgery.

Tim is one of our two surgical techs, assisting the veterinarian in surgery and helping your pet to get back to you safely.

The consistency of these people and our dedication to a common goal has allowed us to build a practice committed to the highest standard of care.

There is every reason for you to continue to expect that excellence from us every time you come in.


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