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Here is Truman rocking the exercise in rehab that he enjoys the most!

Truman had surgery on his neck over the summer.

He has recovered well from that.

Now we are doing rehab to get him a more complete recovery.

I was fortunate enough to have taken care of another greyhound in Truman's family.

Now it's Truman's turn to work hard.

His visits include some work on the small joints in his neck, laser therapy to the surgical area, a series of balance exercises, and a session in the underwater treadmill.

All of these activities are designed to coordinate with Truman's healing.  We are restoring strength and coordination to his neck and front end.  We are building endurance and taking inflammation off of the affected nervous system structures.  And we are also reducing any residual nervous system tension that might be inhibiting the fullest recovery for Truman.

Truman was pretty nervous about the whole thing at first, but with perseverance, and lots of encouragement from his people, he is getting the hang of it.

Now that he has the hang of things at the Cabin, he is quick to learn what he needs to do next.

He will, certainly, keep me on my toes to think of those activities that will continue to push him forward.

Here's to a happy recovery!


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