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Lucy Selena

Oh, no!  Lucy hurt her knee.

When Lucy went to see her primary care veterinarian, he found the sprain and recommended surgery.

Lucy's mom brought her in to see us for a second opinion.

And, of course, we always have an opinion!

On her first visit to KVet, Lucy saw Dr. Hougentogler, who is our surgeon for knee (stifle) surgeries.

After careful examination with him and an assessment with me, we determined that Lucy is a good candidate for recovery from this injury with rehab.  We did not really see indications that surgery was necessary at this time.

Rehab visits with Lucy are so fun! 

She is well trained, and very anxious to please (or is it just to get the treats?).

She takes direction really well, and is coming along in her recovery.

On her last re-assessment, I found that in several regards Lucy's knee was doing better.

Like all patients, Lucy would like to get better faster.  What else is a 3 1/2 year old dog to do?

At her current pace of recovery, we are optimistic that she will find her way back to full activity with her people.

Nothing could make Lucy happier.


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