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Seeker in Rehab

Lots of you in the KVet and dog communities know Seeker.  Who could forget him?

Recently, Seeker had his left front leg surgically removed. 

I have worked with quite a few dogs at KVet, who are missing a limb.  There are lots of reasons that this can be the case.

What inspires me most about these strong dogs is how well, and how quickly, they adapt to their new circumstance.

Seeker has been a patient of mine for chiropractic care for a long time.  Actually, all of the dogs in Seeker's family have been chiropractic patients for a long time.

Seeker's people brought him in for a rehab assessment now to help him best adapt to life with three legs.

Since Seeker has long been a successful athlete, we are able to build on a lifetime of strength and fitness.

Even in his first rehab session (here with Saralynne), we were able to help Seeker work on a high level of activity.

The goal for Seeker is to get him as active and athletic as possible.  We want to rebuild some of the stamina that he lost in his recent lay off because of the surgery and health concerns that lead him there.

These tripod dogs can really teach us a lot.  They are anxious to return to a life that is as normal as possible.  And they are incredibly successful.

With Seeker, we are hoping to get him back to his athletic ways as soon and and fully as possible.  We'd even like to see him get back to agility.  Atta boy!


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