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You can tell from Tucker's face that he is a sweet, old guy.  And it's true!

I've been taking care of Tucker for a while now, and he's doing well.

Tucker is one of at least four pets in this family that I have been fortunate to work with over the last four or five years.

Tucker must be happy with his chiropractic care, because he started bringing his buddy, Maizey, along for visits too.

While it is true that Tucker does have some stiffness and weakness in his back end, those are not the issues that brought him under chiropractic care.

Tucker also has some liver issues, and his family wanted complementary care to help his liver along for as long as possible.  They are interested in all of the ways that we can help Tucker enjoy this season of his life.

There are several advanced chiropractic techniques that allow me to facilitate the best possible liver function in Tucker.

This does not mean that we abandon the traditional care that Tucker is under with Dr. Konegger.  It means that, as a complement, I am further helping Tucker's body work the best that it currently can.

It is a real strength of KVet that we can offer you and your pets a wide range of treatment options that complement each other for the best possible outcome.  This is in the hands of doctors who happily cooperate with the well being of your pet always in mind.

If you are interested in whether there might be more we can offer you and your pet, please ask one of us to help you make that decision.  That's what we do.


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