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Rehab Misconceptions

Recently, Dr. Konegger shared with me an article by Matt Brunke, a friend of KVet's at VOSM in Maryland.

From his article, here are two misconceptions that come up often.

"My surgery is flawless.  The pet does not need rehab."


Even if the surgery is, in fact, flawless, the involved tissues can take up to one year to fully heal.

That's where the rehab comes in.

There is a wealth of literature demonstrating the advantages in long term recovery with rehab following surgery.

(Dr. Halden has entire textbooks dedicated to this topic!)

The key is the carefully coordinated approach to rehab that our professionals can provide.

"My dog doesn't like water.  He won't get in the Underwater Treadmill."

In this picture is Heidi, who has three legs.  She totally rocks the Underwater Treadmill!

The truth is that in the last two years I can only think of one dog for whom the Underwater Treadmill did not work.

He is still doing great in Rehab.  We are just using other tools.

If you have questions about how Rehab might be of benefit to your pet, please talk to me (Dr. Halden) or one of the KVet Veterinarians.


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