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Brutus the Boxer

Brutus is a young boxer pup.  (And super cute!)

Unfortunately, he had an accident with a pickup truck a few months ago.

Right after the accident Brutus was treated at an emergency veterinary hospital for injuries to his chest and lungs.

After a brief stay there, Brutus was able to come home to his people.

Now Brutus still has some lameness.  If you carefully watch him move, you can see some quirks in his gait.

Because of his very young age (and how much they love him) Brutus' people want him to have the most full recovery possible.

That's what brought Brutus to us for a Rehab consultation.

Brutus was evaluated by Dr. Krenicki and Dr. Halden for Rehab.

He began his Rehab road to recovery with us this past week.  We are really looking forward to working with Brutus and getting him as sound as he can be!


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