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Cats & Chiropractic

Recently, a number of cats have come into our Chiropractic practice.

I have always had cats in my practice, but recently we have welcomed several new ones.

It may be harder for people to recognize why their cat might need Chiropractic care.

They may stop jumping onto spots that they previously enjoyed.  They may react negatively to touch from their person that they used to welcome.  They may show a change in bathroom habits (Sometimes they may not use the litter box because getting in/out or squatting in the litter is difficult or painful.).  They may also have congenital, degenerative, or traumatic changes to their joints that become painful or limiting over time.

Most cats really enjoy their Chiropractic visits.

It may take a few visits before they get the idea that this is a different kind of trip to the vet.

We have enjoyed a lot of success providing Chiropractic care to cats.

Sometimes it is the recovery from an acute injury.  It may also be the long term support that your cat may need to thrive at home for a long and happy life.

Of course, before seeing Dr. Halden, your cat will be seen by one of our veterinarians, so we can best coordinate the integrative care your cat needs.


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