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Knee Surgery

Sometimes the injury to a dog's knee (called a stifle) is bad enough that surgery is the best option.

Certainly, when it has been necessary, we have referred pets out to a surgeon for this kind of corrective surgery.

Through cooperation between our veterinarians (primarily Dr.s Hill and Hougentogler) and Dr. Halden for rehab, we have put together an excellent surgical and rehab package for our patients who need it.

Dr. Hougentogler has years of experience with surgical knee (stifle) repair.

To complement this procedure, we have a rehab protocol that will help insure the best possible outcome for you and your animal friend.

For years, veterinary surgeons have done orthopedic surgeries without proper post-operative rehabilitation.  There is now a wealth of research showing that the rehab care that we provide following surgery produces a much better long term outcome.    We know that combining our areas of expertise will provide you with an excellent option when a four legged friend of yours needs surgery.

We have put together a package at KVet that goes from pre-surgical care, through the surgery and immediate recovery, through the rehab process that will enhance your pet's life long after surgery.

Not only is this an excellent protocol for you and your pet, but it ends up less expensive than the traditional surgical approach (that still should have rehab added to it!).

Of course, we are always looking for ways to better help you and your pets enjoy the quality of your lives together.  Please, contact us with any questions about how this might work best for your particular situation.


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