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Molly in Rehab

This is Molly.

She came to us for help in managing a slow growing tumor that is affecting her cerebellum.

The cerebellum is the part of the brain that helps with balance and helps keep muscular activity smooth and coordinated.

Molly started her care at KVet with Dr. Krenicki.

After just a couple of Acupuncture sessions, Molly already seemed perkier. 

Dr. Krenicki then referred Molly to me to see if Rehab might be helpful for her as well.

Molly's Rehab exercises focus on stimulating the parts of her nervous system that are currently the most compromised.

Our goal is to get her activity to be smoother, easier and less labored.

Molly's goal is to eat the treats that mom brought from home!

Molly's people want to make sure that they give Molly every opportunity at a great and long life.

That's what we want too.


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