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Try the Underwater Treadmill

Ever wonder if the Underwater Treadmill might benefit your dog?

Now might be the ideal time to find out!

We are making more time available at the Cabin on S. Main Street on Tuesday afternoons and evenings.

We would be happy to help you figure out if this wonderful tool is a good match for your pet.

We can use the Underwater Treadmill in a variety of ways.

Certainly, we use it as a tool in part of a broader Rehab plan.

But there is more.

We can help your dog get the exercise it needs to start to lose some of those extra pounds.

We can get an older dog moving, to take some stress off of those stiffer joints.

We can also give heart and blood vessels a boost by providing a safe, cardiovascular workout.

Come beat the heat with us!

Of course, any dog that goes to the Cabin must be a patient of KVet Animal care.

Dr. Halden will then assess your pet, so we can develop the best strategy for your trips to the Underwater Treadmill.

And, then we are off and, well, running...


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