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Brutus Hoards Toys

I am told that we can tell that Brutus is feeling better because he has resumed hoarding the toys at his house.

This arrangement of the toys on the couch are all his doing!

He apparently thinks that the toys are better off with him than with any other dog.

When Brutus first came to us for Rehab he was definitely not feeling well enough to hoard toys.

He had suddenly stopped using one of his back legs.

After an exam and a full assessment, Brutus began his Rehab to recover from his stifle (knee) injury.

You might also notice in these pictures that we have another tech helping us down at the Rehab office.

Saralynne is doing a great job!

You probably recognize her from the office, since she's been with us for a while.

We knew that she'd do a great job in this role also!

Brutus is obviously also doing a great job!

He has begun using the injured leg almost all of the time.

He will likely make a full recovery, and keep on hoarding all the toys at his house.


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