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New Challenges

Daisy doesn't even know that she is working on coordinating her hind leg with the opposite side front leg.

She probably doesn't care, either, as long as the bites of hot dog keep coming!

With every new patient comes unique challenges and unique problems to address. 

We have been very busy at the Cabin lately, and we've been challenged to find ways to help each animal achieve its treatment goals.

This is an obstacle course for Macy. 

She definitely does not want to know that she is working.

But she does enjoy this challenge... And she's recovering well from her recent surgery.

Zelda has had some lingering problems.

I was able to do a visit with her at the Cabin last week where we could do some assessment and treatment at the same time.

Weaving through poles is way too easy for this agility champ.  That's why we upped the ante by adding some obstacles which she has to walk over while weaving around these cones.  Much to her dismay, we have her do it slowly!


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