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Our therapeutic laser is a Class IV laser, from Companion Laser.

Companion Laser is made by LiteCure, makers of the same FDA approved machine for treating people.

Class IV has to do with the power of the laser, which translates into an ability to treat deeper tissues than can be done with a Class II, III, or IIIb (less expensive) laser.

At KVet we have enjoyed success treating a wide variety of conditions with our laser over the last 4 years.

We have the equipment and personnel that allows us to provide the very best available care for your pet.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of laser, taken from the Companion Laser website:

        -Decrease in inflammation

        -Decrease in pain

        -Faster tissue repair

        -Better blood flow

        -Stimulation of trigger points and acupuncture points

        -Less scar tissue formation (which is better healing)

        -Improved nerve function

        -Faster wound healing


We have extensive experience applying this technology in all of the ways I've cited.

If you are interested in how laser treatments might be of benefit to your companion animal, please ask any of the doctors at KVet about it.


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