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Is surgery necessary?

In a traditional veterinary practice, when a stifle (analogous to the human knee) injury is diagnosed, the most common recommendation in surgery.

But, is surgery always necessary?

At KVet we have lots of tools at our disposal to help animals avoid surgery, if there is another good option.

If the injury to the stifle (knee) is short of a complete tear (more like a sprain), then we can offer a proven combination of therapies to help your pet recover.  

The treatments will be some combination of Chiropractic, Laser, Rehab, Massage, and/or Acupuncture.  We have been very successful at designing treatment programs for each individual animal to address their particular needs.  It is not that traditional veterinary care is in error.  It is, however, our experience that we can often offer an alternative to surgery with treatments that complement each other, while allowing the pet's body to heal and recover.

In fact, all four of these pictures feature dogs who have had complete recovery from stifle (knee) injuries without the use of surgery.  Each of them has had a unique care program developed to address their particular needs.

Occasionally, surgery on a stifle (knee) is the best treatment option.  After surgery, you will want to take advantage of our protocols to help your pet achieve the best possible outcome from the surgery.  But, I guess, that's another blog for another day.


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