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Rest is also important.

Rest from activity gives the body a chance to recover.

Even when we do everything right, the body goes through some wear and tear.

Rest gives the body a chance to set that right.

In addition to daily rest, all of our bodies need an occasional break from our normal routine.

Not only does this afford the body more time to recover, but a change in activity stimulates the body in novel ways.  This further engages our recuperative processes.

Repetitive activity is stressful.  Even if the activity is generally good for us, it is good to take a break once in a while.

In human athletes, I recommend a week's break every three months.

Our animal athletes will also benefit from periodic rest periods away from their sport.

Their human counterparts will benefit as well.

I spent most of the last week off from seeing patients.

I spent much of that time at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, finishing these three pieces.

I look forward to being refreshed when I see you back in the office this week.


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