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This adorable girl is named Pretzel.

She's been a patient at KVet since she was only a few months old.

Originally, she came to see us with her rescue people because there was something wrong with her right front limb.

We found that she was born without one of the bones in her right front limb (radius, which runs from the elbow to what would be the inside side of the foot in a normal standing position).  This was discovered on x-ray. 

We made a few different braces for Pretzel, hoping that we could stabilize the area enough that she'd be able to walk in a more typical way.

That wasn't completely successful.

When Pretzel walks on her right front leg, the right foot kind of folds toward the middle of her body.  That leaves her walking on the outside of the right front foot.  Not that this slows Pretzel down at all!

With Chiropractic care, we were able to at least minimize the stress that this gait creates for Pretzel's elbow, shoulder, and shoulder girdle (scapula), and the lower part of her neck.

Pretzel's rescue, SOS Animal Rescue, was able to place Pretzel and her litter mate into a wonderful home, where another cat was ready to welcome them in. 

Pretzel's forever person, Jan, has been wonderfully supportive of getting Pretzel the Chiropractic care that she needs.

I've been seeing Pretzel for Chiropractic care every four weeks for about a year and a half now.  She is a happy, active, and...well... well-adjusted cat.  She loves her life, and has no problem keeping up with the people and cats in her life.

She definitely picked the right place to land!


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