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Tonks' Hip Surgery

I know that this picture is a little fuzzy, but it was texted to me with the caption "I think Tonks is fully rehabilitated!"

Here is a better picture of Tonks during recovery, hanging out with Babs.

The beginning of this story, though begins with a broken hip.

This picture shows that the ball part of the thigh bone that makes the hip joint broke off.

In people this would be repaired with a hip replacement.

In small to medium sized animals, the surgeon can cut the bone and remove the fractured parts.  Then the animal's body will form a pseudojoint, where the hip was.  The surgery is called FHO, and it seems incredible, but as Tonks shows, it really works!  Often, they will carry some weight on the repaired leg right after surgery.

Dr. Hill did this repair, and he has done quite a few in his time at KVet.

Dr. Hougentogler is also experienced in this surgery.

And, of course, we have lots of experience helping these pets rehab from the surgery, returning them to full form!

Tonks sure is glad to be in good shape again!


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