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Hooray for Dr. Hill!

Dr. Hill had quite a week at KVet last week.

Because of the holidays, Dr. Hill was the only veterinarian on duty every day last week. 

Of course, he was busy.  No doubt that's what he expected.

On Monday and Thursday KVet ended up short a technician.  That, of course, increases the amount of behind the scenes work that everyone does. 

On Wednesday an early morning accident took out KVet's power.  We didn't recover electricity until about 1:00 in the afternoon.  That, naturally, put a real kink in the veterinary schedule.  In fact, the only things that we could do smoothly were Chiropractic (no electricity needed) and Rehab (which takes place at the Cabin on South Main Street, where they had power).

Dr. Hill, without fail, attended to every patient's needs with the skill and attentiveness that you always expect from him. 

Hope he knows how much we all appreciate his diligence.  Even when the conditions are less than ideal.


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