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Living With Older Pets

Like many of you, I live with elderly pets.

Sage will be 13 soon, and he is slowing down.  Happily, there hasn't been any particular health crisis in a long time, but he is clearly getting older.  (There was a very serious health crisis about 3 years ago, but we pulled him through that.)  At this point, frankly, I treasure every day with Sage as a bonus.

Lilly is a sweet, calico.  We don't really know her age.  She has been with us about 12 years, and she was an adult when she joined our family.

This kind lady joins in activities in the early morning and in the late evening.  Other times, she is usually sleeping in one of her favorite spots.

Sugar Bear is the ironically named youngest member of our family.  He is almost 9, and not the sweetness that his name would suggest.

His bond is almost completely with my wife.  His health difficulties are mostly skin.

Of course, we have loved our pets deeply all the time that they have been a part of our household.  Each, in their own way, has given something unique to our family.  As they approach the later parts of their lives, it is our privilege to add something special to their lives.

We have so many tools available to us to enrich our pets' quality of life, at every stage of life.  This is really the best gift that we can give back to them, after all that they have given to us.


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