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What does a rehab visit look like?

Sometimes it begins with convincing the patient that this is a good idea.

Eventually, though, they all get the hang of it.

Here Porter is weaving (slowly) around poles to help him shift his weight more equally on his right and left hips.

Abbey is being introduced to balancing on a small Bosu ball.

We do lots of work on a variety of stability disks.  This challenges the patient's nervous system to reorganize and respond differently than it has been to the targeted areas.  This is how we start to build stability and ultimately build strength.

Abbey says, "Is that the best you've got?"

Porter is not making it easy today!  He is convinced to work on a peanut though.

Abbey stands on the peanut.

Of course, there is laser.

And the Underwater Treadmill.

And, sometimes massage.

And...  Whatever else we can use to help you and your friend get to the goals we have!


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