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Charlotte came to see us!

Dr.s Halden and Hill seeing Charlotte, the pot-bellied pig.  While we take our work very seriously, we have great fun doing it!

Earlier this week Dr. Hill told me that he had scheduled Charlotte, the pot-bellied pig, to come in for x-rays, and he wanted to know if I'd be willing to see her.  Obviously, I said yes!

Charlotte had been having some front end lameness.  Apparently, pigs have a tendency to have problems with their elbows that can lead to pain, difficulty with motion, and a hard time getting around. This is according to Dr. Hill, our resident expert on non-dog, non-cat animals here at KVet.  Me, I was happy to be involved.

Here Dr. Halden is assessing Charlotte's left elbow.

On exam I found that Charlotte's left elbow was the problematic one.  This was also confirmed on x-ray.

Charlotte is getting her neck (first cervical vertebra) adjusted.

Palpating Charlotte's thoracic spine.

Charlotte got adjusted in her back end too (sacrum).

The other people who were helping in this room were vet techs Cat, Brittany, Emily and Christopher.  Thanks for all you do every day!


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