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Hugo is nothing but fun, fun, fun!

When he came to see us the first time, Hugo was definitely not enjoying all of his fun.  He was sore and hurting, and his person was hoping that chiropractic would help Hugo get back on his game, the way it does for her.

When I was talking to Hugo's person about Hugo's x-rays on the first visit, I mentioned to her that the very last disc space in Hugo's spine (L7/Sacrum) looked like it had been injured by a compressive force.  Like he had jumped up and landed hard on his back legs.

Well....  It turns out that Hugo and his person really like to play Frisbee.  Hugo will jump and catch it over and over and over again.

Ok then. 

When we started Hugo's chiropractic treatments, he also had to be on vacation from Frisbee.  Both Hugo and his person found this difficult, especially as Hugo started feeling better.  As Hugo continues to recover from the injury, the goal will be to keep him functioning well and doing what he loves to do, while keeping him free from pain and further injury.

I'm not sure that Hugo knows that he is getting adjusted.  I think that he would tell you that he comes to see me for tummy rubs and butt scratches.  Fortunately, we can sneak in some chiropractic as well.


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