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Bartleby the Bunny

Bartleby had his first chiropractic adjustment this week!

Bartleby, the rabbit in this picture, came to see Dr. Hill this week for torticollis.  That means that Bartleby's neck with turned to the right and bent over to his left.  This had been going on for about 6 days. 

This problem is most typically caused by a lot of rotation in the next (cervical spine) accompanied by a spasm of muscle on the side that is holding the head down. 

Dr. Hill recommended that Bartleby see me.

After an exam by both doctors (Hill and Halden) and x-rays of Bartleby's neck, Bartleby had his first chiropractic visit.

I worked to relax the tight and spastic muscles in Bartleby's neck, and I adjusted his spine (primarily C2, the second bone in his neck).

Bartleby was a very relaxed and cooperative patient.  I'm looking forward to his recheck this coming week.


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