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A long time member of our KVet family, Rain, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Friday.

Rain was sweet and affectionate to the very end. 

Rain came to KVet 4 years ago.  Her people gave us the privilege of helping her sustain a high quality of life for several years.

Many veterinarians and veterinary students who have visited our practice in those years were shown Rain's x-rays, even if they were not fortunate enough to meet her in person.  There was so much degeneration (arthritis) in her spine that it is, frankly, amazing that she was even able to walk.  Yet, with sustained chiropractic care, appropriate medication, and ongoing care by Dr.s Hill and Konegger, Rain not only walked, she ran and played and was an integral part of her family.  She also worked her way into the hearts of all of us who worked with her.

It is amazing to me the power of the body to sustain itself and overcome incredible obstacles to well being.  Rain was a great reminder of that power. 

It is also an honor for us to be a part of a family's journey with the pets that they love so much.

Thank you Rain and your people for including us in that journey.  We will hold you in our hearts always, and look forward to seeing you on the other side.


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