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KVet staff makes a difference!

This is the KVet staff at the 2015 Christmas party.  I thought of listing everyone individually and naming everyone, but I was confident that I would overlook someone. 

During the past week I was reminded about how special this group of people really is.

I had an appointment this past week at another provider's office.  I came into an empty waiting room, and no one greeted me at the desk.  When I went up to the desk, the staff member there spoke to me flatly, without even looking up from what she was doing.  As she checked me in for my appointment, she spoke in a monotone with no apparent interest in me or why I was there. 

When I was escorted into an exam room by another member of the staff, again her demeanor and conversation was without interest or enthusiasm. 

(I told my wife that I was reminded of the line in Disney's Mulan, "We got to work on your people skills!")

When the doctor did come into the room he was congenial and actively interested in my care. 

Again, at checking out of the office, the staff was fairly blank and uninterested. 

How disappointing.

I hope that this is in stark contrast to your experience at KVet.

I know that every member of our team is interested in helping you get your pet the care that it needs.  We really are invested in your pet's well being and your experience in our office. 

This includes the people that you see, like the people at the front desk, your vet tech for each visit and the doctor your pet is seeing. 

This is also true of the people that you don't see that make every visit at KVet possible.  There are people who manage our office that make sure that the right people are there at the right time with the best resources to serve you and your pet in the best possible way.  There are the other vet techs who are assisting your tech with your pet in lab services, x-rays, or pharmacy.  And there are the other doctors in the office who might be discussing your pet's care and ways that we can make it the best possible.

Hopefully, that comes through every time that you come into KVet.  If there is ever a time that we do not live up to your highest expectations, you can let us know, in person, through email surveys, or over the phone.  We are here to help.

A long time ago, I determined that I wanted my practice to be a place that I would want to be a patient.  I know that KVet is a place where I'd like my pets to be seen, because they are seen there!


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