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It Takes a Team

It has really taken a team to help Lucy get back on her feet.

Lucy first saw Dr. Hill for fairly bad neck pain.  The pain is sometimes bad enough to keep Lucy from finding her feet and walking right.

Dr. Hill referred Lucy to me (Dr. Halden) for chiropractic care.  Dr. Hill also started Lucy on some medications to help her regulate the pain while she recovered.  Lucy's response to chiropractic care was initially good.  Then there was some up and down spells when there were times that Lucy couldn't make it in for all of her appointments.  At that time Dr. Hill and I discussed what would be the next sensible option for Lucy. 

Since she had already shown good response to chiropractic care, we decided to continue that and add in the laser.  Again, Lucy improved.

After an intense period of laser treatments (twice weekly) and some modification in our approach to her chiropractic visits, Lucy was doing well.  Everyone's frustration was that Lucy would not stay well.

On a recent visit with me, we brought in Dr. Konegger to consult on Lucy's care.  She made several suggestions.  We altered Lucy's medication to better address her pain.  Lucy is scheduled for an MRI at PVSEC this coming week.  More diagnostic information might better inform our decisions on care (and prognosis).  Lucy also had her first two acupuncture visits.  Again, she shows improvement. 

Our goal is to get Lucy the best possible, coordinated care.  Often at KVet that means that we cooperate across the disciplines of traditional veterinary care, chiropractic, laser, rehabilitation, massage, and traditional Chinese veterinary care (often including acupuncture).  The best we can do is help your pet get to its peak level of wellness, in whatever combination of modalities makes the most sense for your animal companion.

For Lucy it has not only taken the team here at KVet, but she has a team of people at home who are invested in her care.  Sometimes Lucy comes in with her mom.  Sometimes she comes in with her mom's aunt.  And, frequently other family members are on board with getting Lucy the care she needs. 

It is a privilege to be part of that kind of effort!


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