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Bad Knees

Olivia loves chasing down the squeaky balls in the Underwater Treadmill.
Who said Rehab couldn't be fun?
Olivia came to see us a few weeks ago for help with her bad knees (stifles, on a dog).  Olivia's person took her to her primary care veterinarian who discovered that Olivia's decrease in activity was due to injuries to both of her knees (stifles).  He recommended surgery.
While surgery is commonly recommended in this situation, Olivia's person knew, from her own experience, that often much can be accomplished with alternative approaches to care.  She sought us out for another opinion on what might be done for Olivia.
On his exam of Olivia, Dr. Halden found that both knees had sprains to the cranial cruciate ligament (analogous to the ACL in people), as well as a sprain to the medial collateral ligament in her left knee (stifle).  This means that in both of her back legs Olivia had lost the main support in the front of the knee and the inside support on the left.
We offered Olivia a program of Rehab that could strengthen all of the support structures of the injured joints, as well as encouraging healing of the damaged areas.
Another really important component for Olivia's recovery is what she is allowed (and not allowed) to do at home.  Thankfully, Olivia's person is really doing a great job with this part.
After only 2 1/2 weeks of care Olivia is already showing marked improvement.  With continued care, we are confident that she will continue to recover and return to all the fun activities that she enjoys.

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