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Zelda has enjoyed running agility for a long time.  Look how happy she is in this picture!
I once told her mom that I thought Zelda with indestructible.  As it turns out, that was not true.  Zelda has been battling some nagging injuries for the last several months.  These injuries don't completely take her out of the game, but when they flare up, they do keep her from performing at her best.
Like Zelda, we all have activities that we enjoy.  Frequently, the more we enjoy them, the more often we try to participate.  That's good for the heart and spirit!  Unfortunately, our bodies just do not like to do the same thing repeatedly.  Our bodies do best when we give them a variety of things to do.  That's true for you, me, and Zelda.
Again, for lots of us we try to improve at our chosen activity by doing it more.  Which, to some extent, is necessary.
Another approach to taking our training to a higher level is frequently referred to as Cross Training.  What that means is that we give the body something else to do, something else to adapt to.  This keeps the body functioning at its best.  It also ultimately improves our performance in our chosen activity by keeping the body more fit, more engaged, and more resistant to injury.
Zelda recently started her Cross Training in our Rehab facility.  Wow, are we all having fun!  In each session, we give Zelda new challenges to conquer.  We challenge her muscles to get stronger, her balance to improve, and  we engage her nervous system to really pay attention to what the body needs to do to excel.  We are very excited to get Zelda back to her high level of achievement in agility.  
If your four legged friend is an athlete, we can help them perform their best also.  With each athlete we design a program that suits their needs and abilities, and strengthens their weaknesses.  If you'd like to explore this exciting option for your athlete, call KVet at 724-216-5174.  If you are already established with us, you can schedule an assessment with Dr. Halden.  If you are new to our practice, your pet will need to see one of our excellent veterinarians, so we can develop the best possible program for you and your friend.

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