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Help Em Up

Here's Tupper in the treatment area of KVet.  The harness that he has on is made by a company called HelpEmUp.  It's built to allow you to assist your dog in movement and weight bearing.  It is built to accommodate male or female dogs so that they can use the canine facilities with the harness on.

Oh, but there is a better story here than that.
You can see behind Tupper is a red wagon.  When we first saw Tupper a few weeks ago, he came in on that red wagon.  He was laying on his side, whimpering in pain, unable to get up or move.  He was also leaking urine (urinary incontinence).
Tupper has been seeing Dr. Halden weekly for chiropractic, Dr. Harb weekly for acupuncture, and we are lasering his spine twice weekly (Mom says that Tupper prefers that our Vet tech, Cat, handle his laser visits.).
As you can see in the picture, Tupper is doing a lot better than just laying on his side!  With great pride and joy, Mom walked Tupper into the office early last week. That was enough to cause quite a stir in the office.  (Okay.  So we are easily excited by the successes of our patients.)  We were also told that Tupper is having success at holding his urine.
Exciting stuff!  Tupper and his people are enjoying life much more the way it was designed to be lived.
We are all very happy with the progress that Tupper is making.  We are also looking forward to seeing how far he can go in his recovery.

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