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What if something breaks?

The first time that we saw Newton he was not sitting up like this.  If fact, he was just laying on his side, unable to get up, and in a lot of pain.  Not surprisingly this was very upsetting for Newton and his person!
Newton had a thorough examination by Dr. Konegger, a complete assessment by Dr. Halden.  We also took appropriate x-rays of his neck and spine.  What we found was a small (but, obviously painful) fracture at the bottom of Newton's neck.  Wow!
Newton is a very active Jack Russell Terrier mix.  He happily goes to work with his person every day.  One too many jumps from the front seat of the truck all the way to the ground, and that was more than his little spine could handle.  Consider how high the truck seat is from the ground compared to Newton's height.  That's quite a height.  Not that that would ever discourage a Jack Russell from making that jump!
The first thing that we had to do was get Newton stable and out of pain.  We used several modalities to accomplish that.  Dr. Konegger prescribed appropriate medications for pain control and a supplement to encourage proper recovery of the fractured bone.  Acupuncture was also helpful in modulating Newton's pain and helping the body get healing energy to the injured part of his spine.  We used the Laser on the injured area as well.  This helps to decrease inflammation and pain, and helps speed up the healing process.  Chiropractic is also a part of Newton's recovery program.  Obviously, we can not adjust the fractured area, but we can support the rest of Newton's spine, so that his spine heals in the best and strongest way possible.  At home, Newton's person has had to severely restrict Newton's activity.  That's hard to do with a lively Jack Russell as he starts to feel better.  For several weeks, Newton was not allowed to jump on or off of anything.  He could not go to work.  He could never be off leash.  And he was only allowed outside (on his leash) for bathroom breaks.
That's a lot!  But if we allowed any further stress to Newton's neck, the outcome could be disastrous!
After 5 weeks of care, happily, Newton is doing much better.  He is walking and returning to his old self.  However, we are not out of the woods yet.  The x-rays show that while there is improvement, Newton's injury is not yet completely healed.  He still requires quite a bit of care to support the continuing healing process.  Also, while, we are gradually increasing his activity, Newton is by no means ready for full freedom.
Newton's person thinks that this is a miracle.  I don't know.  To me, the miracle is that given the right combination of coordinated care, the body really does know what to do.  It innately knows how to heal itself.  Our job then becomes to facilitate that process.  What really sets all of this apart  at KVet is our ability to have talented practitioners work together with a wide range of modalities to develop a treatment plan that is unique to each individual.  In addition, there is the great cooperation from Newton's person, and Newton's own ability to heal from within.
It really does take all of that for the best possible outcome.

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