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Massage Therapy

Lots of you know Stacey here at KVet.
If you have been to the Rehab office, you have likely worked with her.
She is always enthusiastic about her work with your animal friends.
Recently, Stacey completed her professional training in Veterinary Massage at the Equissage facility in Virginia.
Here, her dog, Gage, is enjoying his massage experience!
Stacey is now available for massage appointments at KVet.
Massage can be used to treat a specific problem or injury, or it can be used to generally enhance your pet's life.
Massage improves muscle function, creates better blood and lymphatic flow, enhances immune function, helps breath, and decreases pain. (There's lots more, but my wife encourages me to keep my writing from sounding like a term paper!)
If you are interested in making a massage appointment, or if you want to talk to one of our doctors about whether massage would benefit your friend, call KVet at 724-216-5174.
Stacey will be very happy that you called!

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