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Shoulder Dislocation

Everyone likes to show off their look when they're at Rehab!
We first met Shadow several years ago.  He had come to see us for shoulder instability.  He had already had surgery on one shoulder, and his people were interested in trying to stabilize the second shoulder without surgery (if possible).  At that time we did not have Rehab or Laser available in our office.  Using chiropractic techniques, as well as supplements and traditional care, we started taking care of Shadow.  On each visit we could correct the shoulder and its support structures, but we could not keep the shoulder stable.  After a trial of care, we recommended to Shadow's family that they return to the surgeon to have the second shoulder repaired.  They did return to the surgeon, who corrected this problem in Shadow's shoulder.
Shadow returned to our office a few weeks ago.  One of the surgically stabilized shoulders is dislocated (luxated) again.  Well, isn't that disappointing?!
Fortunately, we have more tools at our disposal now to help Shadow regain health and shoulder stability.  He is on medication for pain (that's got to hurt!).  I manually reduce the dislocated shoulder.  We use our Companion Laser on the shoulder (both shoulders, really) to help the healing process.  Part of what the Laser will do for Shadow is stimulate his body to make more collagen and elastin in the tendons and ligaments that support the shoulder joint.  That means the the joint, itself, will become stronger and more resistant to future injury.  And, as you can see in the photo, he is working hard at Rehab.  Again, by properly applying our Rehabilitation knowledge, we can help Shadow become increasingly strong and steady on his front legs.  And, certainly, get the guy out of pain.
This Rehabilitation process will, likely, take quite a while for Shadow to fully recover from this shoulder instability.  However, with diligence, we should be able to get him as health, strong and as happy as possible.

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