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Importance of X-Rays

In this pile of leaves is a Corgi named Jake.
Jake is busy and active.  He does agility, has tried herding, runs laps around the outside of his house and will bark insistently at you until you throw the ball again.
We've seen Jake at KVet for Chiropractic and Chinese Medicine for quite some time.  Jake's person is very amused that Jake takes a Chinese herbal remedy called "Liver Happy."  His care keeps him in good shape to do all of this activity.
Late last year and early this year, Jake had a recurrent series of injuries that set back his performance.  Sometimes, it even kept him from participating in the games he enjoys.  After several approaches to keeping him at his best were only temporarily helpful, we decided to retake x-rays on Jake.  Like most Chiropractic patients at KVet, Jake had x-rays taken when he started care with us.  This is one of the pieces that enable us to set up the best possible treatment plan for each pet that starts care with us.  We have found that the x-rays almost always tell us things about your companion animal that we could not have otherwise known.  This proved to be true with Jake's new x-rays also.  We found an issue in his spine that was hampering his performance.  With this new information we were able to alter Jake's care in a way that has gotten him back to being himself again!  I'm sure that he is happy about that.
At KVet you can count on us to be thorough in identifying the cause of your pet's problems, and diligent in developing a treatment plan that is unique to his needs and your goals.

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