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Bogey Gets His Wheels

I was in a class a few months ago, and I had to present a case to my classmates.
I talked about Bogey.
I discussed the degenerative neurologic problem that Bogey has that has really weakened his left rear leg.  Bogey's people have been diligent in bringing him in for Chiropractic, Laser and Rehab visits.  And Bogey has responded to care.  I was told by the instructor that this was impossible.  Happily, Bogey doesn't know that his improvement is impossible, and he's done better anyway!
When we first saw Bogey he was not able to go on any walks.  I was told that that made him sad.  We were able to get to walks of one block out and one block back with the care I described.  I was told that that made Bogey much happier.
I urged Bogey's people to get a cart for Bogey, since he is strong and healthy in the front end.  The goal we were shooting for was longer walks, and, hopefully, more happiness.
We got a cart from K9 Carts (  It is a well built and reliable cart.  When I told K9 carts Bogey's story, they were good enough to help us with a price reduction. (Thank you!)
After 3 days of using his cart, Bogey is up to a walk of 3 blocks out and 3 blocks back.  Who knows how far he'll be able to wander.
If you'd like to see Bogey in his cart at day 3, here is the video:

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