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Mother's Day

Even though my blog is posted on Monday, my wife thought that I should do a post on Mothers Day.
I know that this picture of Sage and Marianne is a bit blurry, but you cannot miss the joy and love.  What's better than that?
I have mentioned in several blog posts people who have brought their pets to us over some distance.  It is true that I admire the commitment that people show their pets in bringing them to us.  That commitment is wonderful whether it is a two hour drive to see us or a walk over the hill to get to our office.
One of the pleasures of my role at KVet is that the animals that I see all come with people who have determined to provide the best possible care for them.  I want you to know that, in all sincerity, I admire and appreciate all you do for your furry family members.  I am grateful that you allow us to be part of your veterinary team.
So, I hope that Mothers Day, and every day, is a special moment in time for you and your fur babies.  Enjoy them every day.
And, thanks to Marianne for her great example as a mom to all of our pets!

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