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Rehabilitation for Nerve Damage

Callie's person, Julie, tells me that this is her favorite picture of Callie.  It definitely captures what a happy girl Callie is.
When Callie was in Florida earlier this year, she had to make a trip in to see an emergency vet.  While she was there, the emergency vet gave Callie an injection in her left thigh.  Unfortunately, that procedure damaged a nerve (sciatic nerve) in Callie's left rear leg.  That left the nerve unable to function properly, as well as leaving the many muscles dependent on that nerve unable to function properly.  Callie was, at worst, dragging her left rear leg, and, at best, holding it up and just not using it.
Callie's person, Julie, has been tireless in finding the people to help Callie recover from this injury.
She found a neurologist that she's working with at PVSEC, and she found us at KVet.
After several weeks of care Callie is responding.  Nerves heal very slowly, and it is sometimes hard to be patient while they recover.  The neurologist confirmed for all of us last week that Callie's left sciatic nerve is, in fact, healing.  When I saw her on Friday, last week, Callie was planting her left rear foot most of the time.  She was also happy, playful, and anxious to chew on some of the Rehab equipment.
We have been stimulating the length of Callie's left sciatic nerve with our Companion Laser, to stimulate the healing process.  She has been seeing Dr. Harb for acupuncture, including injecting vitamin B 12 along the nerve to help the healing process at this critical stage.  Callie has done some Rehab sessions elsewhere, but she will have her first Rehab session at KVet on Wednesday of this coming week.
We are excited to see Callie's progress.  And we are grateful to people, like Julie, who are willing to commit to a sometimes intense or lengthy recovery period for their furry companions.  Callie and Julie are coming to see us from Ohio, and we are glad that they have chosen us to help Callie get back to her happy, playful self!

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