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Rehabilitation for Agility

Geraldo loves to do agility!

This handsome guy has been doing agility for a long time now.  Like any athlete striving to excel in a sport, Geraldo has had a lot of care to keep him at the top of his game.  Beyond the training and dedicated care his people give him, Geraldo has been a long time patient in our office for Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Laser therapy.  He has kept on going with only minor setbacks, that we've been able to help him resolve quickly.
Several months ago, Geraldo's performance began to suffer, as he was refusing to perform some of the required challenges in an agility course.  On examination, I found that Geraldo was beginning to develop some hypermobility (too much, potentially unstable, motion) in his neck.  All of our bodies were built for motion.  However, repetitive motion and repetitive stress can become problematic.  Over years of agility, the landings on his front end and the quick changes in direction had taken a toll on Geraldo's neck.  Left untreated, this condition can become very unstable and potentially debilitating.  That not only would end Geraldo's agility career, but it could  severely compromise his quality of life.
Several weeks ago, we began a Rehabilitation program designed to help Geraldo recover from this setback. First we had to take Geraldo out of competition.  Hopefully, temporarily.  Then, in his weekly Rehab sessions, we work to stabilize the compromised areas of his neck.  Then we work to rebuild the strength that will give him the best long term outcome. His Rehab sessions include some very specific joint work, exercises to target specific muscles, laser treatments, and some time in the Underwater Treadmill.  We are shooting for one day of agility competition in June to test Geraldo's progress.
Geraldo has been a star patient.  Throwing himself into every activity with enthusiasm (partly because treats are involved).  His progress has been excellent.  And he tells me, through his friend, Jen Ortman, that he loves his new neck!

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