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Toby was an early helper in getting us all ready to do Rehab, even before our center was open.
It really takes a great, and dedicated team to make our Rehab center work.
I am our Certified Rehabilitation Therapist (Dr. Halden).  I work diligently to insure that your pet gets the care he needs from us.  Of course, that would not be possible without the support and cooperation of our fabulous veterinarians, Dr. Konegger, Dr. Hill, and Dr. Harb.  I can't imagine working with a better team of doctors.
Ultimately, the Rehab visits work because of the amazing technicians who are in the Rehab center.  Megan Datsko, Stacey Sever, Brittany Luczki, and Sam Atchison have really dedicated themselves to providing the best possible experience in Rehab for you and your animal companion.  These technicians have all taken on new responsibilities in being hands on in the Rehab part of our practice.  Not only am I impressed with their skill, enthusiasm, and dedication to Rehab, but daily I hear rave reviews of their work from the clients who bring their friends to Rehab.  They all deserve this recognition for their efforts.  Technicians are often an overlooked part of the veterinary practice, and our technicians are the best!
And, of course, we appreciate all of you, who bring your beloved friends to us for care.  We are always grateful for the trust you have put in us.  We never lose sight of the responsibility we have to provide you and your pets with the best care anywhere.

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