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Chiropractic for Deteriorating Discs

On a recent Saturday, I saw Brody for his monthly chiropractic visit.  I've been taking care of him for nearly 2 years, and now he comes in every 4 weeks for a chiropractic visit that keeps him active, playful, and young at heart.
When we saw Brody for the first time at KVet in 2014, we found that he had a bad disc at the bottom of his spine (between his last low back vertebra, L7, and his tailbone, sacrum).  We were able to confirm on x-ray that the disc had deteriorated over some time and that the supporting structures had begun to degenerate as well.
Over a relatively short period of time Brody was able to become his old self again, and happily rejoin his normal place in his family.  (Pretty great so far!  Don't you think?)  Now we have found that if we see Brody every 4 weeks for a chiropractic visit, he is able to stay in great shape.  On the rare occasion that we delay a visit, Brody does not do as well.  We know we are making a positive difference in the lives of Brody and his people.
On our most recent visit, Brody's dad shared with me that he and his wife thought that they were going to have to put Brody down 2 years ago, because they did not know what options existed for helping Brody out of the bad situation he was in.
It happens with some frequency that someone shares a similar story with me.  When I am reminded that I have helped them have time with their animal companion that they otherwise would not have had, it just thrills me!  No work we do could be more wonderful than extending the life of a loving relationship.
When we undertake to help you with your companion, it is our highest goal to help you enjoy each other's company for as long as possible and in the greatest health possible.  We offer you the tools that we have available in order to help you and your companion in whatever way is best.  What could be more valuable than that?

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