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Rehabilitation for Hip Replacement Surgery

Sam recently had his hip replaced.  Yes, just like a person, a dog can have his hip replaced too.
In this picture, Sam's person is helping him weave between the poles that have been set up for him.  This helps Sam gently shift his weight on and off of the surgically repaired hip.  This helps the bone get the stimulation that it needs to heal strongly around the new hip.  It also triggers a variety of muscular activity and engages the senses around the repaired joint capsule.  All of this is helping Sam's body heal in the very strongest way possible.
After surgery the various tissues of the body heal in well studied and understood ways (this includes the bones, the muscles, the nerves, and the tendons and ligaments).  It is critical that Rehabilitation is a part of each stage of this healing process to insure the best possible outcome.  Ideally, Rehab begins as soon as the animal can get to see us at KVet, regardless of where the surgery was performed. (Dr. Hill likes to see Rehab begin before surgery, so that we really enter into the process in the best condition possible!)  If a person has a hip replaced, like Sam did, that person would be up and walking in a controlled environment the same day as the surgery!
In the first few days following the surgery, control of inflammation, pain and excessive activity are crucial.  During the 6-8 weeks following the surgery we are working diligently to help the involved area heal in the strongest, most resilient way possible.  While home activity might be extremely limited during this initial time, professional Rehabilitation is necessary to form strong, healthy tissue and avoid the formation of scar tissue (which is much less useful and much weaker in the long run).  Beyond that 8 weeks, we have as much as 1 year to remodel the area, and all of its supporting areas, but we cannot completely replicate the benefits of earlier intervention.
Regardless of when we begin Rehab for your pet, you know that we will provide you with the very best options possible at KVet.  Science, research and extensive training all support the application of Rehabilitation all through the recovery process, from the first day after surgery to full recovery.
Clearly, the sooner we begin, the more likely your pet will make the fullest recovery possible.
And that's what we all want.
I'm sure that's what Sam wants.

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