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Underwater Treadmill Therapy

Pawla has been in our Rehab program for several weeks now.
She has lots of health issues, and has responded really well to her Rehab sessions.
We've been primarily using exercise and time in the Underwater Treadmill to help her get moving again.
Pawla loves to play outside and go for long walks with her canine pal and her person.  She had put on some extra weight, which slowed her down, and  she has a heart condition that was slowing her down by even more.  Pawla's person really wanted to see her girl get back to being herself and enjoying the activities that they do together.
Pawla started losing weight right away.  That, of course, makes it easier for her to move and helps her regain some cardiovascular health.  Since our Rehab visits are with Certified Vet Techs, they can closely monitor Pawla for any signs of stress on her heart.
Everyone is happy with the progress that Pawla is making.  I would guess that even Pawla is happy about it, since she's been able to get back to doing some of the things that she loves doing with her clan.
Whatever keeps your pet from moving like she once did can lead to other health problems, or aggravate health problems that they are already having.
If you've noticed a change in your companion's ability to do what they had done before, consider talking to one of our veterinarians or Dr. Halden about whether a Rehab program might be helpful.

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