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Moxie came in to KVet on December 1.

She had a spell where she "could not use her legs."

This came on suddenly with nothing reported to provoke it.

After a thorough veterinary exam, x-rays, and proper assessment, this 12 year old beauty started care.

She is doing chiropractic with Dr. Halden and acupuncture with Dr. Hougentogler.

She has responded amazingly!

She is doing nearly all of her normal activities, and her personality is coming back.


At a recent chiropractic visit, Moxie's mom asked if there were things that she could do at home to keep Moxie doing well.

No one wants a repeat of this episode.

On Friday Moxie and her person met me at the Cabin for a Fitness Assessment.

We went through a specific exam, a series of assessment activities, and played some games.

All of this is meant to get a full picture of Moxie's current abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

I will then write up a report, that I will also share with Moxie's mom.

It will include my findings as well as exercises to do at home that will best suit Moxie.

If at some point in the future, Moxie's needs change, we can go back to the Cabin and repeat the appropriate assessments.

In this way, we can continue to support Moxie and help her sustain her improvement.


At first, Moxie wasn't too sure about this activity.

But, as soon as the treats came out, she was ready to work!

We had a great time together.

And, we will keep working on helping Moxie be her best self.


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