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Visit with Will


Over the weekend my wife, Marianne, and I took our young dog, Benny, to visit Will.

Will has long been my buddy, and has quickly become Benny's buddy too.

Will has seemingly boundless joy and energy.

We want our new dog to have good socialization and play experiences.

Naturally, we picked Will.


Will lives with a terrific person and a cat, Olivia.

With both dogs romping around the house, we don't see a lot of Olivia.

We have never had more than one dog at a time.

We learned with our last dog, that we can't teach Benny how to be a dog.

Proper stimulation and socialization is important in helping a young dog grow and mature properly.

It has, actually, been fascinating to watch Benny mimic the behavior of other dogs that he meets.

Therefore, it has been important to pick good social opportunities for him.

I think that Will loves everyone.

Marianne will tell you that Will adores me.


We had a good, long romp chasing balls (and each other) in Will's large yard.

I know it was a great experience for Benny and us.

When Will comes in next week for his monthly chiropractic visit, I'm sure he'll tell me what he thought of the visit.

I hope he lets us come back.


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